Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 3- Gotcha Day

We awoke on day 3 after a wonderful night of sleep, which I hear is quite unusual. But you have to remember that I work nights and Troy can sleep any time, any where. So changing time zones was nothing for us. We got ready had a wonderful breakfast provided at the Bejoe house. Then we decided to take the opportunity to go see the town. Our driver took us to a restaurant called Island Breeze. It is American run and makes you feel right at home. The restaurant played a lot of Beach Boys music and had a beach theme. We ate Italian food and took time to enjoy our 7th wedding anniversary!

After lunch we went straight back to the Bejoe house because Travis had messaged us that he was on the was with Elliott. When we got back, another family had arrived and she would be receiving her son as well. We waited for about 30 mins in the garden area making conversation as best as you can when you are anxious. It started to rain so we then moved up to the porch so that we wouldn't be soaked. Then we heard a car honk and the gait open and it was our moment to meet our son. Joanna carried Elliott up to us and I took him right away. You can tell that he is just taking everything in and trying to figure out what is going on. We sat and held our precious boy and learned about his schedule. For the first hour Elliott didn't make a sound. But as soon as he was comfortable his personality came out all at once. He started talking non stop saying Mama, Dada, and any other baby babble that he could come up with. The rest of the day we spent enjoying our new addition and getting to know him better. It was a great day to meet our son.


Christie said...

I've heard about the Island Breeze a few times now and think we'll definitely be trying it out when we're in Addis next summer! Thanks for all the info!

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