Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ready or Not?

We leave in a little over a week and I'm starting to get overwhelmed. But the nice thing is that we have gotten a lot done. The upstairs remodel is done! I just need to decorate it a little. I will post pics as soon as it is decorated. Clothes are hung and washed. Most of our forms are filled out. Grandparents are coming to town to babysit! My sister is dog sitting. Collette has even learned how to change a diaper. So, really I should just be ready to go, right? Wrong. I would just like it all to be done so I can sit back and enjoy.

On a better note, we are very excited about the day we get to meet Elliott. Not only do we get to meet our third child, we get to meet him on our anniversary! How cool is that. Now we will have that much more to celebrate! Ready to meet you baby boy and hold you in our arms.

For those of you who want us to take pics or packages, email me: carterkellie@sbcglobal.net


Devion said...

I cannot imagine what you're feeling right now! Elliott has no idea how his little life is about to change in wonderful ways! Blessings and prayers that this week and your journey fly by, so to speak, so that you can hold him in your arms!

Shannon Plumb said...

I can not believe it is so close! I am so excited! I hope we get our referral soon so you can give Baby Plumb some lovin'!

Laura said...

Bet you've never been to Africa. Think of it an a vacation for sight seeing. Then, when you come home with a baby, it will be a nice bonus.

Okay, that's just crazy. Have fun, guys! I'm really excited for you! Can't wait to meet Elliot!

Leslie said...

So exciting. We love hearing about the families going to bring home their new family member.

Prayers for a good bonding experience and a very safe trip.